20. 4. 2016

Immersion heaters

For radiators, boilers and for heating up liquids.

Immersion heaters are made of brass tubes (diameter from 10 to 60 mm). A tube serves as a protective coat. Heating spirals (made of high-alloy resistance wire) lie in steatite ceramics notches and are coated with silica sand. Length of the connectors/plugs is custom-made, the highest power allowed is 15 W/cm2.

All of the main characteristics of a desired heater (voltage, power, diameter, length of the tube, length of the connection, for two-sided connections also whether wire or screw connection, data on rims) have to be specified in the order.

The immersion heaters 5/4 and 6/4 now also with the flange from prochrom (stainless) material!