20. 4. 2016

Heating cartridges

Heating cartridges are used in industries where no extreme temperatures are required (footwear industry, food industry, rubber industry, textile industry).

Heating cartridges are made of brass tubes (diameter from 10 to 25 mm; length from 50 to 2000 mm). The tube serves as a protection. The heating spirals (made of high-alloy resistance wire) lie in steatite ceramics notches and are coated with silica sand.

Is either one-sided (both poles are at the same end of the heater), two-sided or with one pole (at low voltage).

All of the main characteristics of a desired heater/cartridge (voltage, power, diameter, length of the tube, length of the connection, for two-sided connections also whether wire or screw connection, data on rims) have to be specified in the order. Heaters have code numbers for ordering. The code contains all the information needed to make an order.

You wish to order a heater: length 200 mm, diameter 18 mm, voltage 220 V, power 300 W. First take a careful look at the table below and see whether such heater is available, then decide about the length of the connection and write down the code number (0.220.300.18.200, l is 500 mm).

Standard voltages are 110 V, 220 V and 380 V. The only limited parameter of the heater is its power.
Table of maximal allowed power of the heater depending on the length, voltage and diameter of the tube