20. 4. 2016

Tubular heaters

Electric infrared heating is a unique concept that fits perfectly with the variety of heating demands. It gives off instant and targeted heat, in a way that is very similar to the sun. Infrared heat warms up people and objects, but not the air in between. Wind cannot blow the heat away like with other heating methods.

Our company produces immersion, air and oil heaters. The main advantage of this sort of heaters is their ability to be bent into various shapes. The outer diameter of the heater is either Fi 8.5 mm or Fi 6.5 mm.

All heaters are custom-made in accordance to your wishes or a plan. Some of the examples are presented in the photographs at the bottom of the page.

In 2013, ETA Cerkno factory was closed. The factory produced all kinds of tubular heaters for household appliances, water heaters, washing machines and various pipe heaters for industry. In 2014, we acquired new machinery and started producing all of the heaters previously produced by ETA Cerkno.