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We produce all kinds of electric heaters

Tubular heaters

Electric infrared heating is a unique concept that fits perfectly with the variety of heating demands. It gives off instant and targeted heat, in a way that is very similar to the sun. Infrared heat warms up people and objects, but not the air in between. Wind cannot blow the heat away like with other heating methods.

Heating cartridges

Use: Heating cartridges are used in industries where no extreme temperatures are required (footwear industry, food industry, rubber industry, textile industry).

Immersion heaters

Use: For radiators, boilers and for heating up liquids.

Flat heating elements

Use: Flat heating elements are used for the same purpose as tube heaters – in industries where no extreme temperatures are required.

Band heaters

Use: Band heaters are used for the same purposes as plate heaters – in industries where no extreme temperatures are required (footwear, dressmaking, rubber, textile).

Laboratory heating mantles

Use: One of our many products is also laboratory heating mantle, designed for application in various experiments. It is used to heat up the whole surface of round-bottom flasks evenly, which elongates their lifetime considerably.

Flexible heating wires

Use: Flexible heating wires that can be wrapped around objects made of porcelain, glass, metal or other materials. They can also be fitted into metal, porcelain, and glass tubes.

Galvanic heaters

Use: Galvanic heaters are used in industrial operations in chemical industry, metal industry, construction and other fields. They are intended for heating of aggressive liquids (acids, chemicals).

Bitumen heaters

The main advantage of these heaters is a very low load power of the heater per cm2; therefore, the heated mass does not burn. The heater is intended for heating of bitumen but can also be used for heating oil, where the lowest possible load power of the heater by cm2 is also of great importance.

Custom-made heaters

We can manufacture a great variety of different heaters according to your sketches, designs and demands.


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Welcome to the web page of a family business with a tradition that has been engaged in manufacturing heating elements and associated accessories for years. We produce both heaters in standard sizes as well as custom-made heaters designed to wishes and plans. The present appearance of the headquarters company received in 2000. With quality and successful business, we acquired the credit rating of A.

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